Tourney Info

Welcome to the 2011 season for John’s Monthly Poker Tourney.  Please contact me if you want to be included in the monthly invite.

Players: latest standings are located here.

(schedule is also available in PDF here)

Tourney Structure:
Texas Holdem, no-limit

Rounds and Blinds:
15-minute rounds, 10/20 starting blinds

Starting Chips:

Re-buy and Add-on Chips:

Number of Re-buys and Add-ons allowed:
One only (either re-buy or add-on, must bust to re-buy)

Tournament of Champions Qualification:
Top 10 players in points make it to the Tournament of Champions. Formula used:
score = (1 – (rank / (numberOfPlayers + 1))) * 100

Rake for Tournament of Champions:
15% of buy-in and re-buy / add-on (no money goes to the house)

Volunteer Dealers:
$20 buy-in discount to players volunteering to deal; automatically assigned to Seat 1

Late players:
Blinds taken through Round 3; player forfeits after Round 3 ends, chips removed from table

League Management:
Blinds, stakes, chips and re-buys are managed by Tournament Director poker software displayed for the duration of the tournament. Poker stats will be available online after each tournament and will be updated monthly. Stats website is here.

Bringing more players:
Contact Tournament Director for approval

FIRST-COME basis, response via invite required