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Tundra brake upgrade

Finally completed my Tundra front brake upgrade. No more warped rotors or shaky braking. Decided to install the bigger 231mm version but needed to cut-off some of the dust shield.

Pictures of the cutting…those sparks are hot!



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Turkey scouting and off-roading at Palomar

Maddy and I went out to the trails with Keith and Landon on Sunday to scout out some hunting spots as the season opened today.  We were both very surprised at the number of turkeys we saw and the lack of hunters…both good things!

Here are some pictures of the turkeys as well as some playing in the snow and off-roading on the way back.









Cars Off-roading Outdoors

Pilot Rock Off-Roading

Headed up to the San Bernardino Mountains a couple weeks ago to do some wheeling with guys from the Toyota 4Runners forum (  We went up a trail called Pilot Rock (

Here are some pics!


The price of owning a Merc

Just got her back from the shop: $180 charge.  What was that for, you ask?  To install (yes, INSTALL) a headlamp assembly.  I got the used assembly for a “steal” at $500 shipped to my house.  Brand new, these things are $1460 a piece.  I kid you not.

Is the car still worth it?  Well…the first time I punched it when leaving the mechanic, I had a big grin on my face.

Yes, yes it is.


Merc pictures

Got her over a year ago, so I can’t classify her as new. Just as gut-wrenching fast as the day I got her, though. Everyone should own an AMG (along with a Porsche, Subaru, BMW, and Toyota 4×4 truck).

3 down, two to go.