The price of owning a Merc

Just got her back from the shop: $180 charge.  What was that for, you ask?  To install (yes, INSTALL) a headlamp assembly.  I got the used assembly for a “steal” at $500 shipped to my house.  Brand new, these things are $1460 a piece.  I kid you not.

Is the car still worth it?  Well…the first time I punched it when leaving the mechanic, I had a big grin on my face.

Yes, yes it is.

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What is the price of owning a Merc? That’s Mercury right. Ford still makes them.

Merc as in Mercedes. Mercury is a lump of rock that…well, I guess that could be the car manufacturer, too.

Just saw your reply comment. do you think I could get one? AWG that is. does that stand for “all wages gone” ? maybe in my case. still interested in the car though.

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